Why Choose Scentsy

Scentsy has over 90 basic scented wax bars to choose from and endless combinations of fragrance with the Mixology method of fragrance enhancement. Our wax is specially formulated to melt at the lowest possible temperature thereby ensuring the safest possible fragrance production. Our Wax is made from Paraffin wax so whilst it wont taste good to eat, Its not harmful for Children and Pets. (Having said this and just for clarity, We do not recommend under any circumstances that Wax should be intentionally ingested)

Combine this with the Safer Scents Scentsy Wax Warming Fragrance Distribution Systems or Warmers as we prefer to call them and you have an Impressive range of aesthetically pleasing Fragrance Systems for your Home, Office or indeed your personal Environment.

More importantly we believe that, in using the Warming method as opposed to Burning method, Your Home will be Safer Scented and be subject to a lot less toxins than by using Candles.

Our Electric Warmers Generally consist a warming source, usually a warming plate or a filament lamp, this heats the wax on the tray above to a melting point which is just above body temperature to create beautiful scents to enhance your home and calm your senses.

All our warmers come with a lifetime warranty and the average 'Scent time' of a scentsy wax bar is between 60 and 90 hours, some scents have been reported to last far in excess of this however we tend to stick with these figures to give an accurate assessment.

Warmer prices range from under £25 to £64 with a lifetime warranty,  Wax bars are available in blocks of 8 cubes (approx 90 hours) for  £7.25 each or as little as £6.50 each for a pack of six assorted. Shipping is £6 per order or free depending on minimum order value.

Ditch the Flame, Douse the Fire, Find the scents you most desire.

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